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The leather tanneries in Fez are a stop on nearly every tourist’s itinerary.  Photographer Julian Harris and reporting partners Amulya Shankar and Oumayma Sbila wondered about the effect on workers.  Here’s their exclusive story, a look at what could be considered a “toxic effect of tourism.” Broadcast on National Public Radio programs nationwide.

(Click photo above for the story).For HIV positive Moroccans, life is grim.  That’s what reporting partners Mark Minton and Salma Idrais found out.  Their exclusive story, published via Global Health Hub (one of the most reliable sources for journalism about global health and medicine), starts with 21 year old Samir, an HIV positive gay Moroccan who is living in fear.
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This semester’s student journalists are already in the field in Morocco.

  We’re training them to the highest ethical and professional standards & they’ve found some stories you won’t want to miss.
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(Photo: Photographer Emma Hohenstein and reporter Sarah Ford)

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